I gotta say, Troy was a rock star. He offered me tea like a lifeline, he was so honest and so humble and he understood where he is in life. He was not pretending to be anything he is not. Nothing is sexier to me than owning who you are. I loved this house and I know that I lost my asscastle commentator virginity here – therefore, i will always have a special place in my heart for “The one with the pool”.

These three cool guys are my entire crew. How rad is that! They know how to do EVERYTHING. Seriously!

And for all you FunnyOrDie.com fanatics – let me tell you one more reason to love them: they all kick ass. My DP for this (and the next episode we already shot and are editting now) is Antonio. Aside from understanding light terrific-ly, he was not afraid to try anything AND he was also faster at setting it up than anyone I had ever worked with. Which, if you have ever worked with me as an actress – YOU KNOW I have the attention span of a mentally challenged puppy. Standing on set, waiting hours for a set up KILLS my buzz like nothing else. These three dudes are my heroes cause they ran two cameras, lights, booms, lav mic’s, and directed with me in like – 3 hours! And Antonio took most of the stills in the vid. If I could do drama school all over again, I’d do it at FOD. And hope Antonio would do an updated video of “Hot for teacher with me.”

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