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November Issue: Modern Family Values

What do second-generation American family values look like? Writer and actress Diane Farr shares her Korean-Irish-Italian American family’s take.

“Do it because I am your mother, and I said so!” I sternly told my 5-year-old, after some infraction that seemed uber-important at that moment.

Until the next moment when I actually heard these words come out of my mouth—and I cringed. When I looked over at my husband, Seung Yong, his face was just as scrunched up and

‘Numbers” Diane Farr Sells Semi-Autobiographical Comedy to NBC

An exclusive report by the Hollywood Reporter about me selling my comedy based off my book: The Numbers and Rescue Me actress has sold a semi-autobiographical comedy to NBC based on her best-selling memoir Kissing Outside the Lines.

NUMB3RS Alum Diane Farr Joins Private Practice

TV Guide’s exciting write-up about me joining Private Practice for their final season.

Looks Like Barbie But Talks Like Ken

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