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To Visit The Dentist the Week after Halloween OR NOT?

It’s harder to get in to see my dentist than it is for me to get a new TV show on the air.  Which may be why I failed to notice six months ago, that I scheduled myself, and all my kids for an appointment just five days after Halloween.  When my children’s teeth are buried in chocolate, gummy bears, sucking candies and lollipops  – that are sometimes also filled with gum.

And when I say my children’s teeth, I mean mine.

Farr joins Two and a Half Men

Iranian Publicist Throws a No-Hitter in NY

Iran has a new publicist and she is a fearless force beneath her Hijab.

Who else could have gotten the world’s most controlling and direct state – you know the government that openly admits they stone people to death for adultery, in public, as if its a sporting event to watch a woman who is buried up to her shoulders die slowly (where, incidentally, an adulterous man is only buried up to his waist and if he escapes – he is free to go) to come out smiling with the most insane PR statement of all time:

One Twerk Begets The Next

If you are reading this you may not have seen the VMA’s last weekend – because you read for pleasure.  As opposed to, say, raising your first finger or twerking to party down.  But don’t feel aged out – I am of the original MTV generation (read: old) and didn’t immediately understand the devolution of human progress that I saw on stage at the video music awards either.  But I Google search like a Millennial and am willing to share my intel.


Congratulations on your birth, young man!

The whole world was anxiously awaiting your arrival! And not just because you might become the king of England – when you are well past retirement age and those other two kings in front of you are done with their reigns – but rather because we are all so filled with hope to have a new Prince Charming.

Please don’t be insulted that the world is expecting you to be charming. No one outside of your great grandmother’s palace has any real understanding of what an actual prince is actually supposed to do, especially in this day and age.

Nurse Mom

It has been well publicized that having children will greatly increase your ability to love and empathize, as well as feel unbridled joy.  Also true: the sleeplessness, decreased standards of personal hygiene and the inability to get out the door in under 25 minutes ever again.

But in addition to new emotional states, there are also many jobs that you must master as a parent that are not so clearly advertised.

Changing Times: Interracial Marriage China Daily

Attitudes toward mixed marriages in the US are less of a barrier today, but those in such marriages or partnerships often tell a different story, reports Kelly Chung Dawson from New York.

When PBS recently aired Seeking Asian Female, a documentary about a “mail-order” marriage initiated on the Internet between a middle-aged Caucasian man and a young Chinese mainland woman, the resulting media coverage sparked a heated online debate among critics and viewers about sexual fetishes, racial power dynamics, and what the motivations behind a pairing might be.

A Public Vs. Private Education

After visiting more than forty private schools in Los Angeles County over the last three years, I found the perfect school for my kids last spring.  In this Eden of all private education has to offer, Kindergarteners were broken into groups of 5 kids to 1 teacher and sat under fruit trees to learn reading at their own pace, without judgment.  This may not sound cataclysmic but seeing it happen actually made the annual tuition – which is more than all four years of my college education put together – seem worth it.  A sixth grader then showed me around the country club-esque grounds, pointing out the replicas of renaissance painter’s finest works and finishing with a better gardening lesson than any cable TV show ever has.  She finished her portion of my personal tour in the computer lab where she retrieved her personal laptop and showed me her “portfolio” of writing projects from first grade until today, organized by year and subject.  Which left me feeling a little intimidated by an eleven year old.

The New York Times – Room For Debate

Parents Pass the Bias Along to Their Kids

JUNE 13, 2013

Let’s blame it on the parents. Love is the last area where even educated and progressive parents can still openly teach prejudice at home – which is the only reason interracial marriage is still scandalous.

Few peers of any recent generation give much thought to friends dating outside of their race. However, far too many Americans who dare to love someone of a different racial or cultural background find they will still have to face something unpleasant – ranging from disappointment to being disowned – from those people they loved first, their mothers and fathers.

Going Home Without Phoning Home

My birthplace is New York City, which might seem a very anonymous place. Yet, after moving away, the first time I “snuck” back to my hometown — without telling my family — I was convinced I would get caught. I worried both in California, where I live now, and after my arrival in Manhattan, that my mommy or daddy or perhaps one brother or another or even my high school prom date might catch me walking down Amsterdam Avenue and be FURIOUS that I hadn’t called them.

Mommy’s Gone Wild

I once believed a college dorm might be the loudest place I would ever try to sleep.   Then I had children.  And after having three, almost all at once, I didn’t sleep in my own home for about five years.  But now my two youngest are age four and I am entering “the platinum years of parenting.”  Aka the post-breastfeeding/pre-driving ages of 5 -10 years old, where as a mom I get to redefine myself – as a power sleeper.  Perhaps even while on the occasional weekend away from home where the best sleep can happen, now that my babies are old enough to be trusted with a Grandparent  (alongside a constant rotation of babysitters I pay double over a weekend to really watch them).

So how thrilled was I to get an invite to a 40th birthday with 8 other couples, sans their kids and mine, in a pretty city none of us live in to stay in a rented McMansion.  Ah, to dream of three long days of eating more than just what is left on the kitchen counter.  And the chance to sleep past 6:45am.

Recession Tips From a Sometimes Unemployed Actor

I began auditioning for acting jobs at the ripe old age of twelve. Thirty years later, including a fifteen-year run on television, I sometimes just get offers for work. But at others I am still required to run, Pell Mell around Los Angeles or New York, interviewing for film and TV roles.

I’ve put in much more than the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell suggests would make you an expert in any field – including the field of job interviewing – so perhaps my fellow underemployed Americans would appreciate a professional actor’s (read: continual interviewee’s) tips about keeping your confidence intact when hustling for work, as auditions are tougher than you might think.

An audition is actually the delivery of a full performance – without the benefit of props, costume, professional hair styling or make up. Or pay. It also must be delivered while balancing ten pages of script and seeming like your not just pretending while you are performing alongside someone who is just pretending as they just a hired “reader.” All this is done in front of a firing squad of hiring types who openly judge me as I pour my heart out with someone else’s words – which could easily crush your confidence.

Yet, that is not the spirit crushing part of my job interview. That’s just the “art” part.

The Year of The Shoe

I live in the city of Los Angeles, which is all a buzz at the moment with the shocking and dramatic breaking news.  The news about pilot season, that is.

Not the news of Tunisia’s regime change or Egypt’s opening of the Suez Canal or the people of Libya who are desperately trying to stay alive, when their own leader declared a virtual war on them.  Or the happenings in Bahrain, Yemen or Iran.  Rather, so many of my incredibly smart friends and colleagues are calling, texting and tweeting the big news of who just got themselves a one time appearance on a TV show.

Because where I live, in the Big Orange, it is “pilot season.”  Here, news is released by the hour on who has captured the lead, co-lead, and even a guest spot on every single “pilot” for next years development slate on network television – most of which will never even make it on the air. A pilot is a one-time trial run, used as an example of what a TV series about its subject matter would entail.  It is clearly no indication of whether or not it would make a good series because most that do become a weekly show, immediately fail.  I know that revolutions and celebrity sightings are the most important news to cover (and not always in that order) but I am ready to admit, that both news feeds are not really worth the anxiety they are causing me as I sit in my little office watching these dramas play out  in real time from my cushy chair.

Trio Joins Fox Comedy Pilot ‘Council Of Dads’

By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Friday February 18, 2011 @ 11:39am PST

EXCLUSIVE: The Job and Rescue Me alumna Diane Farr is reuniting with the two series’ co-creator Peter Tolan. She is set as the female lead in Fox’s comedy pilot for Fox Council of Dads. Also set as leads in the project are Patrick Breen and SAG president Ken Howard. Inspired by Bruce Feiler’s non-fiction book, the pilot, which is being directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, tells the story of Michael who, just before he dies, enlists five of his guy friends from all aspects of his life to become a “council of dads” to his two young children. Farr will play Michael’s wife, recent widow Catherine, who is absolutely intent on complying with her husband’s dying wish but quickly finds out that the five guys on the Council can agree about absolutely nothing. Breen and Howard will play two of the Council’s members. Howard plays Michael’s dad Burt,  ex-military guy who’s not to be screwed with. Breen plays Jerry, Michael’s ex-therapist who serves as the “Feelings Dad” on the council. Howard, repped by Greene & Assoc. and James/Levy, won an Emmy for Grey Gardens in 2009. He recurs on 30 Rock and is filming Clint Eastwood’s Hoover. Breen, repped by Gersh and A Management, had also been pursued for NBC’s Smash this season. UTA-repped Farr’s other series credits include Numbers and Californication.

Diane Farr talks the inspiration behind ‘AssCastles’

Diane Farr has never had a problem hanging with the boys, whether that be on LovelineThe JobRescue Me, orCalifornication. So it’s somehow fitting that she’s broughtAssCastles to Funny or Die. For each installment, she takes a tour of a real “AssCastle” — that’s any home with three or more bedrooms that a man resides in without a wife or children and maintains for the sole purpose of “pulling down ass.” She walks through the house with the owner, who takes her through his rap (which room he starts in, which room he puts his best shine on, which room he closes). She then scripts the video based on the highlights of that experience and returns to the AssCastle to recreate them with an actor, who assumes the role of the bachelor. The first installment, embedded below, begins with the claim that Farr and her team added only one thing to the mix.

Same Sex Marriage is on its Way, Like it or Not

Just as Portugal’s president ratified a law allowing gay marriage, making his country the sixth in Europe to do so, Argentina became the first Latin-American country to make same-sex unions legally binding this week. Canada, Iceland and South Africa also shine on this list, but in only five U.S. states and Washington, D.C., are we willing to let love conquer all.

Looks Like Barbie But Talks Like Ken

Diane Farr | The Boston Globe

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