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I feverishly want to discuss religion as it’s misinterpretations and manipulations brought me to every time I looked at the news in Paris last week. But since the information on the multiple catastrophes that began in Beruit and have come all the way to Southern California, are changing so rapidly I thought it best to focus on the heart of the extremism problem:  The Starbucks Coffee Cup.

Never has FACEBOOK seemed more uncool to me than when I saw a Kevin James look-alike’s screaming post about a paper cup had garnered 12 million views.  Hey friends who still haven’t seen The Social Network – Facebook is not a reliable place to get your news.  It was created to hook up with girls.  And nowadays, people who have the time to make long video posts only featuring themselves and put them up on Facebook one after another – are often UNEMPLOYABLE.  No less, anyone who calls themselves a “social media personality” is usually working in that space because no one else wants to pay them for their personality.

Leading us to Joshua Feuerstein.  The “Christian” who misquoted Starbucks policy on Christmas – saying they are trying to take Christ out of Christmas with their evil red cup and that the employers of said evil empire are not allowed to tell customers “Merry Christmas.”  Which might make one believe that Feuerstein just doesn’t understand that Starbucks isn’t just in his home town.  But that they actually operates all around the world.  Even in other countries where some people don’t even have Christmas.  But Mr. Feuerstein also failed to grasp that America itself is not a “Christian state”.  Elementary school history is pretty clear in our country that a founding tenant of our land is that people are free to practice any religion they like here.  Even ones that don’t say Merry Christmas to each other.

But of course the cup is just an example of the PC movement Feuerstein loathes.  And time and time again we have seen that people who are the most incensed by political correctness often lack ANY correctness at all.   As well as kindness or taste.  As seems to be the case when Mr. Feuerstein proclaimed the color of their end of year paper cup was an affront to Christians.

I was relieved to see on Twitter (that would be Facebook’s social media spawn – and a platform that is also dying out for young hip urbanites at a slightly slower pace than Facebook itself) that many Christians found Feuerstein to be the affront. In light of the mass murders this week in Lebanon and France and now San Bernadino, California, I would like to request all zealots of any organized religion who spread their hate on their free social media page in any god’s name – save their Starbucks money and use it for therapy, during any one of the many hours they cruise on the internet.

Even the captain of anti-politically correct – as well as bigotry and vitriol – Donald Trump, commented on the inane coffee cup debate of 2015 – saying, “seriously I don’t care.” Which I’m thankful for. It’s embarrassing enough to be considered xenophobic Americans in other countries.  With so many Republican leaders running for their parties nomination I was worried two or three or even all seventy-five of them might pose for portraits with Jesus as an alternative coffee cup.  To go along with their alternative health plans.  All of which would just mean more trees senselessly losing their life right alongside innocents in cities around the world. But guns – come and get them.

Perhaps we might take a moment as the days of mourning in France end and a new round of senseless deaths hit the news in America – to consider how fanatical movements start.  Just because Feuerstein’s version of Christian values hit its tipping point this week over the color of a cup – versus say, the length of a man’s beard – doesn’t mean rage of any kind to a mass of followers can’t morph into something more insidious next time.  Even this close to Jesus’s birthday.

  1. Rika Ito on Friday 4, 2015

    A coffee cup causes religious uproar? Reminds me pretty much of #TheWiz racist discussion on Twitter.

    Internet floods people with information, no matter right or wrong. A halfway decent human being should be able and willing to filter the relevant news. I am glad I found your columns. A thoughtful source of American society insights.

    Religion, race, gender. Different issues, similar patterns. Not knowing the “other side” leads to initial aggressive behaviour. There are always “leaders” who succeed in directing ignorance and fear into a fanatic movement, eventually (fatal) violence. Look at Pegida + it’s spawn (Dügida etc.) in Germany. The supporters already attacked refugee-related locations. I’m really glad the Anti-Pegida participants still outnumber Pegida demonstrants.

    I hope every person takes a moment to realise we have a moral compass.
    Have a nice day.