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In the land of Hollywood, where I live, people tend to celebrate themselves often. And in America, where Hollywood is, we celebrate lots of deceased people. This makes random Mondays throughout the winter extra work when you have kids and they are suddenly home from school. So I would like to formally request of the American holiday makers (aka Hallmark) a new holiday that does not close any banks. Since barely anyone uses the bank anymore, and those folks need work. Then, while they and the rest of our work force are at the office we can take a short break and call our best friends to thank them for their support … on “Best Friend Day.”

Because unlike childhood fiction teaches us, one man or woman cannot save the day every day on every front. After Prince Charming picks you up and saves your life, and you leave everything you know on his horse to start a life with him, some of his other interests come back. Fantasy football can kill a marriage if you are not careful.

This is where the best friend comes in. The one you talk to while your partner, parent or child, depending on who you live with, does that thing they love the most … that annoys you to no end. No less, there are things, even other than fantasy football, that no partner wants to hear about again. And there are certainly things your mother and father should never hear about ever.

Of course, you can always pay a professional by the hour to listen to the big life questions, but who actually solves anything in an hour?

Currently our dearest friends are only revered when they’re asked to be a maid of honor or a best man, which costs them money and more service. But now we can change that. With the support of card companies, as well as flower/cigar sellers and bars where many adult beverages may be consumed, celebrating friendship can help our economy.

Perhaps our new presidential candidates rolling out this month might also want to take a break from talking about angry and depressing points no one thinks Congress will let them solve anyway and consider this holiday that businesses big and small will embrace.

Some talking points for this new national holiday (and fodder for greeting card writers who are the real leaders of our nations sentimentality) should include the following:

If you are good at picking friends, your best friend is a little bit smarter than you … at more than one thing. Thus, when you call and your thinking is ranging from silly to devastating, your best friend will set you straight quicker than any self-help book could and with more kindness than a family member ever will. And if you are really good at picking friends, your best friend will never even point out the fact you’re not as smart when it comes to these things.

Also, best friends look at your success like it is their own. There is no playing down or sneaking good things into a conversation with a bestie. The good news is brought up first, riding in on a wave of excitement that is met with another wave of excitement from your best friend, creating a pool of happiness for you both to wade in. And if you have this friend for a long time, they might add a line that is forbidden by family and matrimonial partners but not from this friend: “I TOLD YOU SO.”

Perhaps the most important thing to thank a best friend for is the chance to think out loud. In a busy life, filled with packed schedules and free time often spent in places you don’t really want to be, the chance to think at all is gift. The fact that a real life human who is not legally, financially nor genetically required to listen is right there for you to consult is a gift like no other.

Happy Best Friend Day.

  1. Tamatha on Tuesday 21, 2015

    Friendship day is amazing!! I have I best friend which I’ve known for 18 hrs