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Congratulations on your birth, young man!

The whole world was anxiously awaiting your arrival! And not just because you might become the king of England – when you are well past retirement age and those other two kings in front of you are done with their reigns – but rather because we are all so filled with hope to have a new Prince Charming.

Please don’t be insulted that the world is expecting you to be charming. No one outside of your great grandmother’s palace has any real understanding of what an actual prince is actually supposed to do, especially in this day and age.

But last week, people lined up outside the hospital where you were born based on the mere idea that you might be charming at whatever you will someday do, simply wishing you and your mom and dad well with all their hearts.

Perhaps this is due to all of those romantic tales we read as children, about the heir to the throne who saves some sort of helpless, hapless, yet beautiful and long-haired damsel — who has usually gotten herself into distress. And this act of saving by the kind prince and his charming smile allows this pretty lady to bloom into an even greater princess than she could have ever imagined — and, of course, to get her tiara on.

Now, this is not the story of your mom the princess, or even your grandma, who was a princess, too, because princesses, unlike princes, have come a long way in the last two generations. Perhaps they were inspired by your great grandmother — the reigning Queen of England — who ascended to the throne herself, paving the way for so many great modern female thinkers.

In fact, a quick search on Google (where, by the way, you are already ridiculously popular, young man!) tells us that the role of a monarch in your great grandmother’s younger days was very specific. Back when Princess Elizabeth was born and raised for her life as queen, she was meant to fulfill a very specific kind of hope, one of grandeur and stability and quiet resolve.

But those ideals seem to have changed, especially ever since the day your grandparents got married. Their love story captured the world’s attention as soon as Princess Diana refused to say the word “obey” in her marriage vows — she seemed to be hoping for more love and partnership. And although that didn’t work out exactly as planned, your own parents’ love story has renewed faith in the idea of marrying for love and friendship. Their choice to marry outside a prescribed class system seems to have righted the wrongs of previous generations. And here we are at the beginning of another…with you.

Stores have already sold out of the blanket you were wrapped in as you left the hospital. It’s likely that your first hat, bike, car, and perhaps tattoo, piercing or mohawk will inspire the youth of tomorrow. But even beyond consumerism, there is this overwhelming feeling of hope that surrounds you, George.

Because for all of the pomp and circumstance you are meant to represent, history shows that we mostly look to the prince of any kingdom as a representation of how we should love. Whom he chooses, how he charms her and how they will live their life together seem to inform each generation of what we value most. So I beg you, young prince, to start thinking about this arduous task now. Because how you show your affection may be your lasting legacy, like it or not, and princes deserve an update, too.

I wish you luck in life, in work and especially in matters of the heart, George Alexander Louis, and that whomever you chose to spend your life with has both beautiful hair and beautiful words to share with you and with all the kingdom.

(Diane Farr is known for her roles in “Californication,” “Numb3rs” and “Rescue Me,” and as the author of “Kissing Outside the Lines.” You can read her blog at getdianefarr.com, follow her on twitter.com/getdianefarr or contact her on facebook.com/getdianefarr.)

  1. Nicole on Tuesday 6, 2013

    His name is a mouthful. Congrats to both Will and Kate. I was more interested in their arrival of their baby over Kim and Kanye’s. North West is the stupidest name I’ve ever heard.

  2. Radka on Tuesday 6, 2013

    His name is very nice and he will have a big responsibility. But I’m happy, that his parents are amazing and that they want to bring up as close as possible to normal life.
    And I adore Kate because it is fantastic that she plucks up the courage and she showed post-baby bump to whole world. It is depressing when women see celebrities who have a flat belly after birth in magazines after 2 weeks.

  3. Nicole Baugh on Tuesday 6, 2013
  4. Nicole Baugh on Tuesday 6, 2013

    Oops! Sorry about that double post.

  5. Alice doesn't live here on Tuesday 6, 2013

    I agree with you and the comments: love is the point of the monarchy now. to get married, have babies and sadly – perhaps to get divorced. And you do look like Kate Middleton.
    Good luck to you Diane

  6. yessica on Tuesday 6, 2013

    I think each new royal family brings hope – and maybe this is why. So fun to see their relationship also.

  7. Mike on Tuesday 6, 2013

    I think princes really do need an update. And a job.

  8. abby on Tuesday 6, 2013

    Hello from your English flatmate Diane! Everyone from uni is always saying that Kate Middleton is just the next version of you. I’d love to see some beautiful pictures of your kids next to theirs! Come and visit us soon Yank

  9. frank P on Tuesday 6, 2013

    Before there was the dutchess there was princess Di from Oceanside High! Still so funny. Hope you are great.

  10. laurie b on Tuesday 6, 2013

    I love your column and often wonder where the world would be today if Diana had lived. And sometimes can’t believe that every one has accepted the mistress as the wife. but of course, there is a new baby so we forget the past….

  11. julie C. on Tuesday 6, 2013

    I think the monarchy does a lot for charity organizations, especially right around the time of the marriages and the births, but really do we need them?

  12. d.d. on Tuesday 6, 2013

    what’s the difference between reality stars and the monarchy??
    nothing. No job and famous for no reason.

  13. d.d. on Tuesday 6, 2013

    Actually we should include most celebrities in that also. Why are most famous? Not for their work but for stupid behavior that calls attention to themselves and then their famous children.

  14. Diane Farr on Tuesday 6, 2013

    why thank you. even i see the resemblance btween her future majesty and myself -df

  15. Diane Farr on Tuesday 6, 2013

    hi Abby! send me an email df