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Actress and author Diane Farr’s new book, Kissing Outside the Lines, charts the personal and political challenges of entering an interracial marriage. This week in GOOD’s video series, What Do You Love, Farr takes us on a tour of the small stuff. Here are 10 little things she loves:

1 when the babysitter walks in the door
2 seeing the freeway is empty
3 exhaling on the purple yoga mat
4 any class but coach
5 finding my man’s hand in my sleep under the covers
6 being included
7 being cooked for
8 seven hours of sleep in a row
9 my first day in a new place
10 holding my little ones’ hands in mine

  1. Shirah Hopper on Wednesday 11, 2012

    I LOVE IT!! Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! But with their parents genes, of course they would be! I really have enjoyed GOOD’s What Do You Love series. Thanks for introducing me to GOOD. Hadn’t heard of them before now and they cover some really neat stuff.

  2. Nicole on Wednesday 11, 2012

    Your kids are so adorable. And that’s a great idea of having every doll of different ethnicity. :)

  3. Nicole on Wednesday 11, 2012

    Here is my 10 little things I love:

    1. Tutoring kids and see them succeed
    2. Vegan cupcakes
    3. Reading Christian chick-lits
    4. Watching “Wheel of Fortune” and answering each puzzle before the 3 contestants gets it
    5. Fixing dinner for Mom and my sister
    6. Exercising on the Wii for couple of hours
    7. Just talking to my sweetheart and saying “I love you” to each other
    8. Home alone by myself while others are out
    9. Watching sporting events on TV with my dad
    10. Doing crossword puzzles

  4. Radka on Wednesday 11, 2012

    I LOVE IT! You kids are amazing and your 10 little things are very good. :)

  5. Elizabeth K on Wednesday 11, 2012

    Great List. Off the cuff, I’d say that about seven of yours would be on mine. I prefer to do the cooking or it would be eight and I’m looking forward to number 10.

  6. Diane Farr on Wednesday 11, 2012

    thanks to for commenting on your list! I think we should all make this list. and keep updating it…

  7. Diane Farr on Wednesday 11, 2012

    I love that you did your own TEN LITTLE THINGS! SO FUN

  8. Diane Farr on Wednesday 11, 2012

    ha ha thanks. the kids are all good. xxxx

  9. Nicole on Wednesday 11, 2012

    Why thank you, Diane! :)

  10. Radka on Wednesday 11, 2012

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