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  1. BSG on Thursday 25, 2010

    I remember when this came out. You saved my life with this. I had just gotten broken up with and you made me get out of bed. This is awesome

  2. Sadie on Thursday 25, 2010

    this came out when we worked together on LIke Family. It was really inspiring just like you

  3. Eric on Thursday 25, 2010

    I know who this guy is!

  4. Mad Girl's are Mean on Thursday 25, 2010

    Hey Diane, I don’t know if you read these personally, but i wrote to you at your card site after i was broken up with by someone and asked you to make a personal card for me. You wrote me back (or someone did at the time) and told me that I was too angry and that you didn’t think this was the time to put all that personal information out to the masses. That was four years ago and since then i reunited with my ex and did get married. I hope you read this because if I had shared all my dirty laundry with the whole world i would never have been able to get married. Thank you so much for your heartfelt advice. (and not making a sale on a vulnerable person). I think you and your cards are wonderful. Cassandra

  5. Jean Marie on Thursday 25, 2010

    I am sending a link to this article to my friend who was just dumped. It is so inspiring.

  6. Jackie M.Alaniz on Thursday 25, 2010

    This is like an early Alannis Morrisette song come to life

  7. Diane Farr on Thursday 25, 2010

    Wow. What a great thing to hear. Thank Cassandra, for writing. I have to admit – there were about five occasions during the years i was managing the card company where i had to tell people I wouldn’t make them a card. I was not making cards for the money – i was more or less doing it to heal my heart and others in the process. And when a note came in that was really raw with pain, we all would decide to write back instead. But I have to say it was frightening to say no. We worried that telling someone they were too hurt to send a witty card would make them feel worse. So your note has made my day. Best of luck in your marriage! DF

  8. Diane Farr on Thursday 25, 2010

    Hey so do I! Go Eric. :) Diane

  9. candy on Thursday 25, 2010

    You’re such a fun and funny writer. You make anything sound witty