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  1. lizette on Wednesday 24, 2010

    so glad to know that you got the props you deserved for your work on Rescue Me? why did you leave?

  2. colleen dimitri on Wednesday 24, 2010

    everyone always talks about you leaving Rescue Me but you had so much more to do on Numb3rs. I think it was a great decision and am happy we got to see more of you.

  3. Mary Stradinsky on Wednesday 24, 2010

    This is the most amazing article. I love seeing you in the company of these actresses. I hope you have your own show soon also. Mary

  4. Elvis is not Dead on Wednesday 24, 2010

    I think this is the best bit of press you’ve got. The guy totally gets you and your special knack on screen. I hope everyone sees you for how special an actress you are as me and him do! Go Diane

  5. Francine M on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Hello Diane,
    You have auditioned for me on a number of occasions and I can’t wait to find something for you. All the best, Francine

  6. Y. knot on Wednesday 24, 2010

    I loved that Lisa Kudrow show. Now it is gone and you are gone from Rescue me and tv sucks

  7. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    So sweet of you to say Mary. That’s the best compliment ever. Sincere thanks.

  8. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Elvis, you must be a prophet. This is my favorite piece ever also. Love Love Love these comments.

  9. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Hey–Y.knot cheer up. It’s not that bad. Give me one second. I just sold a show. it might make things a bit better out there!!

  10. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    alrighty then. Get to it Francine

  11. Sunny R. on Wednesday 24, 2010


    I loved you on Rescue Me – you were totally fantastic in that charaxter) and can’t wait to see what you do in the future. I have just subscribed. And by the way I am more than 55 yrs old.

    And WOW, you’re replacing Dave Barry. I live in Ft. Laud. and happen to know who he is, although I haven’t gotten the Miami Herald in many years.

    That is VERY VERY impressive!!!! I was so glad to catch your article in the Sun Sentinel on 5/13/12 You’re the first actor I’ve ever written. Still watch reruns of Rescue Me – loved and love that show. Plus the music was out of this world, I have researched and obtained a lot and it was so varied and deep, really made you think.



  12. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    wow Sunny. your email just made my day. thanks for listening and writing. all the best to you! df