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  1. Bill Rice on Wednesday 24, 2010

    You are so hot I never even noticed you are sitting in a bed next to a pool. Kinda ridiculous no?

  2. Kernan on Wednesday 24, 2010

    This picture made all those articles I just read about motherhood worthwhile.

  3. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    There really is something for everyone here at huh… DF

  4. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Ok Mr. Rice, that made me laugh out loud. On the day of the shoot, i was actually very nervous when I saw a giant canopy bed next to the pool. The whole thing felt a little porn-ish. Thanks for noticing. DF

  5. Nicole on Wednesday 24, 2010

    I hope you do more Maxim/FHM in the near future.

  6. BKLYNPHIL on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Diane, you are MILF-ALICIOUS. Congrats on all your success. I like forward to watching your career progress.

  7. Diane Farr on Wednesday 24, 2010

    thank you bklyn. I am also from east new york. bam!!

  8. Mike from Germany on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Hi Diane,

    well after a long time of admiring you at Numb3rs this pic proves what I always knew: You’re like a dream come true. Great shooting at Maxim, thx for that.

    Best regards from Germany

  9. Charles on Wednesday 24, 2010

    You have the greatest smile. Congrats on all your accomplishments!

  10. Justin L. on Wednesday 24, 2010

    Of all the hollywood beauties your timeless beauty outshines them all. Thanks for always being true to yourself & all of your loyal fans.