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  1. Laurie B on Monday 1, 2010

    Laurie here again, and I would like to add that these photos were taken before Diane turned seven months pregnant. Because she looks cute and nice here. But those last few months – oh boy. She was looking like she left the herd and went out grazing on her own. Yes, he first child was 2 feet tall at birth and almost ten pounds – but it was great material to tease her about for all of us who love her.

  2. Diane Farr on Monday 1, 2010

    Who gave you this address Laurie? I’m gonna kick their ass

  3. K Cline on Monday 1, 2010

    I love all the shots of you at home. they seem very happy

  4. nalgenie on Monday 1, 2010

    hahaha….I will hold her down if you want me to :)

    Diane, you are the best…I thought you were great on TV. I knew you would be funny,

    but didn’t know you were Ass Castle funny :)

    So nice to see a real person behind all that beauty…

  5. Diane Farr on Monday 1, 2010

    I love the asscastle show. thank you

  6. Dasari on Monday 1, 2010

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