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An Ode to a Best Friend on a New American Holiday

In the land of Hollywood, where I live, people tend to celebrate themselves often. And in America, where Hollywood is, we celebrate lots of deceased people. This makes random Mondays throughout the winter extra work when you have kids and they are suddenly home from school. So I would like to formally request of the American holiday makers (aka Hallmark) a new holiday that does not close any banks. Since barely anyone uses the bank anymore, and those folks need work. Then, while they and the rest of our work force are at the office we can take a short break and call our best friends to thank them for their support … on “Best Friend Day.”

Dinner With Junkies

My husband and I had a date with our neighbors recently, who I learned over dinner are on the “Paleo diet” and faithfully practice the workout sensation “CrossFit”.  I actually learned a great deal about both these health trends during our meal because they were the only things we talked about for three hours.  By the end of our evening the diet seemed more like an addiction and I was concerned that their gym might be a cover for a cult.

Valentines Gifts for Married People

I remember being a freshman in college on Valentine’s Day and getting the most carnations from male admirers amongst the girls in my dorm.  This was a big deal at the time.  The carnations were $1 and sold in the student union and sent to your room.  Myself and the other newbies were all running up and down the corridor every time a flower arrived.  We spoke in high-pitched tones about how cute this was, as well as how much we really didn’t care which one of us got more.  All parts of which were untrue.

The Grinch in Me

In a house with young kids all the merry-making that goes in to December 25th  gets largely credited to Santa Claus.  Which leaves me strangely bitter on Christmas morning. On top of which I also feel foolish for being envious of a round old white guy in an adult onesie that I promoted to begin with. [...]

Lame Duck 2014

I think I feel for our leader because I sort of feel like a lame duck myself for reasons also beyond my control.
My term as a mother began seven years ago and in that time, I have gotten less done than I did in any six month period before children. Personally I blame this on my handheld phone, which may be Obama’s problem in a roundabout way.
That’s roundabout way, not round-the-way-girl, as I have already stated I don’t like name calling.

All The Things I’ll Buy When I Cancel My Cable Subscription

Thanks to CBS and Hbo and all their contemporaries who are surely not far behind, I’m about to buy my networks by the channel for less than $10 a month. Since HBO and CBS announced streaming available immediately and in the near future – on any computer or handheld device – many Americans started dreaming of ripping those white wires right out of the middle of the wall where the design-challenged cable man put it.

Joy And Humility Sitting In A Tree…

If you keep up with the news at all, this has not been the summer of love. Not anywhere around the world. And as Labor Day closed the season but not the heat in Ferguson, Ukraine, West Africa, Israel, Gaza, and Syria to name a few this season – I was feeling like a fraud.