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The Grinch in Me

In a house with young kids all the merry-making that goes in to December 25th  gets largely credited to Santa Claus.  Which leaves me strangely bitter on Christmas morning. On top of which I also feel foolish for being envious of a round old white guy in an adult onesie that I promoted to begin with.

Kind of like how I feel about members of congress at this time of the year.

Lame Duck 2014

Poor Mr. President.  Everyone is calling Barack animal names.  The nicest one of them being a duck.

Even if that is the case, is that really his fault?  I think that sentiment might be better to pin on the people most likely to be on vacation five times this year.  You know, those men and a few women, including the first African American woman ever – all of whom are also most likely to commit adultery or tax fraud while serving in government office.  (Which, in the nefarious circle of Washington politics, will most likely will happen over their large number of vacations.)

All The Things I’ll Buy When I Cancel My Cable Subscription

Two hundred and fifty dollars a month I pay for cable channels that I never watch because of the one or two I love.  That is on televisions in my house that I rarely watch either – which each need their own cable box.  Cable boxes that sometimes erupt with noise in the middle of the night causing me to jump out of bed worried an animal is under my dresser.  But not for long!

Joy And Humility Sitting In A Tree…

If you keep up with the news at all, this has not been the summer of love. Not anywhere around the world. And as Labor Day closed the season but not the heat in Ferguson, Ukraine, West Africa, Israel, Gaza, and Syria to name a few this season – I was feeling like a fraud.

What I Learned in Therapy This Week

Mom and Dad have been married for ten years and have figured out how to best use their time in therapy.

The Staycation

As Summer got it’s groove on this month my family prepared for that week of camping they’ve all been dreaming of.  That same week of camping I pretend to like annually.  That is until a job came up in town and I didn’t have to pretend anymore.  Rather I could stay home, all by myself [...]

Spirit Names in My Family

If I call my children names based on their daily spirit, is that still considered name-calling?